Step 1. Register to Vote!

To make sure you are registered to vote, check out ​My Voter Page​​.

Make sure you have the right ID ready to register! The approved list of ID is below:

  • Montana Driver’s License or Montana state ID card number or,
  • The last 4 of your social security number or,
  • Provide a copy of another form of identification. This can be a photo ID that shows your name or an acceptable ID that shows your name and current address (Tribal ID, a recent paycheck stub, utility bill, or bank statement, your student ID, or another government document addressed to you).

Head to this link to learn more about registering to vote by mail and in-person.

Step 2. Research the Candidates & Issues

Check back here for voter guides for the next election!

Step 3. Vote

If you don’t receive your ballot in the mail within a week from the ballot mail date for an election (and you are signed up to vote absentee), then give your elections office a call using the phone numbers below: 

  • Billings: (406) 256-2740
  • Bozeman:  406-582-3060
  • Missoula: (406) 258-4751
  • Kalispell: (406) 758-5535

Not located in one of the cities listed & looking for information on how to contact your elections office? Check out: 

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Have other questions about your absentee ballot or where to vote?​ Slide into our ​DM’s​ on social media or call us at 406-542-VOTE.

Step 4. Kick up your feet.

Civic engagement looks good on you.

What Voters Say

The Forward Montana guides are usually the only truly impartial voting guides I can usually find during election season. I appreciate that they take the time to ask about issues that are both important nationally and locally. Through their guides and the research they do, they give our generation a voice in elections when most other organizations would rather pretend that the young generation of voters simply don’t exist.

Devin M., Missoula