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How do I vote in the primary election?

Why Should I Vote in the Primary Election?

Primaries are an important part of the democratic process. The primary election allows you to select the candidates that will represent the party as the nominee during the general election! This year you’ll be voting on a number of offices including state executive offices like Governor and Auditor as well as US Senator, US Representatives, Montana Supreme Court Justices, State Legislators, and local government review (LGR)!

Learn more about the Montana Supreme Court candidates here!

Stay Vote Ready! 
To check your voter registration, find your polling location, or verify that your ballot has been accepted, visit the My Voter Page.

For a list of county election offices, visit our online voter hub here.

WTF is Local Government Review?

Local government review (LGR) is a process where you get to decide how your local government runs! LGR establishes a study commission to review the powers, form, and structure of local government entities—think city council structure v. a city commission! Every ten years, the Montana Constitution grants voters the power to review every county and municipal government in the State. In June, residents will vote on whether or not they wish to start this process. If you live in an incorporated city, then you will vote on LGR for both your city and your county.

What Happens Next?

If the electorate of your county and/or municipality votes ‘yes’ for local government review then in November, you will elect members of the LGR study commission. The LGR study commission will review the current structure of local government and alternative forms of government over the course of a year. This study commission may make recommendations about changes to the form of government. Citizens will then vote in 2026 to adopt or reject the study commission’s recommendations.

Why should I vote on LGR?

This is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and to ensure that your local government accurately represents you! LGR is a unique feature of Montana’s awesome Constitution and fun fact—Montana is the only state in the nation that provides for a regular local government review process!

  • A ‘yes’ vote on LGR means that you support a review of the powers, form, and structure of your local government.
  • A ‘no’ vote on LGR means that you do not support a review of the powers, form, and structure of your local government.