who we are

Founded in 2004, Forward Montana is the state’s largest youth-led, youth-focused civic engagement organization. We strive to transform government and communities to be just, sustainable, and equitable while working toward a future where Montana celebrates and reflects the diversity of our generation.

Our Theory of Change

Our generation has the most at stake, so we must be a key part of the process. When more young people get involved — whether we’re voting, volunteering, or running for office — Montana’s politics start to look more like us, and policies start reflecting our lives and our values: Creative. Compassionate. Sustainable. Equitable.

We support young people to build power with and for each other to create lasting change. We believe that there is a role for everyone in this work and we ensure that young people are at the forefront of our movements.

OUR ROOTS are our values.
We are guided by:

  • Accountability
    • Stated goals and values don’t mean anything unless we live out those values through our work and our relationships.
  • Connection & Empathy
    • We value each person for who they are and recognize that every person brings a unique lived experience. We both honor and recognize those differences with understanding and empathy.
  • Strength
    • We create space for and support folks to navigate the complexities of their own experience. We do not forget to acknowledge joy and delight; we challenge power with humor, recognizing the laughter is a powerful political tool.
  • Balance & Innovation
    • We acknowledge that multiple truths and perspectives can exist in balance with one another. We embrace these complexities in order to challenge ourselves to think outside of the boxes the world has created for us.

AT OUR CORE, we are a political home for young people.
Our programs:

Provide a civic and political education to young people statewide.

Develop the leadership and organizing skills that young Montanans need to lead in their own communities.

Build power through electoral organizing, grassroots mobilization, and political accountability.

Cultivate community, connections, and brave places for young people to grow and learn together.

Our work will:

  • Break down barriers to civic participation so that young people can fully participate in our democracy.
  • Encourage young people to engage in the political process because they know their voices and votes will make a difference.
  • Build a pipeline of young leaders across the state who are at the forefront of movements in their communities.
  • Foster a strong ecosystem of community and connection for young people across the state.