Due to your generosity, the field workers, volunteers, and interns, including myself, were able to reach out to other young people in Billings (and statewide!) in the hopes of inspiring a sense of democratic duty.
One of my most cherished experiences as an intern was directly interacting with other college students regarding the 6-Mill Levy. Walking the pathways of MSU-Billings and interacting with other students allowed us to educate our peers about this ballot initiative. We put the consequences into a simple statement: if this levy does not pass, tuition will increase up to 18%. The concern of a drastically increased cost of education really allowed our fellow students to realize the importance, especially because it had the potential to jeopardize their academic future. After the 6-Mill passed, the hours we had spent gathering signatures were well worth it.
Forward Montana demonstrates to all citizens across the state that young people can make an impact. America’s youth are the largest voting base, however, with the unprecedentedly large 18-24 year old voter turnout this year, it is clear that your support made that dream possible. We are proud of our accomplishments thus far, however, we are not nearly finished stoking the fire of democracy.
Without your generosity, these acts towards civic engagement would not be possible. Our organization is humbled by your donations. Thank you from every employee, intern, and volunteer affiliated with Forward Montana, you are truly the fuel to our fire.
In solidarity,
Hannah Clancy
Billings Intern – Class of Fall 2018