FMT Staff making plans to vote at Student Voter Day at UM

Student Voter Day was a wonderful time for students on campuses across Montana to turn in their absentee ballots, getting them to become passionate about voting. Students absolutely loved the free coffee, donuts, and hot chocolate along with the wide array of stickers that were available throughout the day.

Alix and Ali, the field organizers in Bozeman for Forward Montana, built a “Democracy Block”–a box that people were able to write about what they care about along with recommending three friends whom they planned on reminding to vote. Along with all the food, drinks, and stickers, we also partnered with Bridgercare and Planned Parenthood to help spread important values amongst young voters. Crazy Mountain Outdoors showed up as well and offered a giveaway for people who could answer politically themed trivia questions throughout the day.

Our partners helped to draw in even more people, and started many considerate conversations on important subjects in our community including: sexual health and safety, healthcare, and public lands. Our partners brought in a lot of young voters who were passionate about voting, encouraging them to speak up about issues they are concerned about. The Vote Goat that showed up during the afternoon was a huge hit, with many people stopping by and checking out our table while petting an adorable baby goat. As the day came to an end, our democracy block was full of passionate ideas and names, the people we partnered with had many thoughtful conversations with young voters, and most importantly, almost 40 students turned in their absentee ballots.

Between the food, the goat, and the democracy block that rocked the Montana State University’s campus, Student Voter Day was a success! As this event continues down the road, hopefully it will become more and more of a service to help students become passionate about voicing their opinions. Remember that election day is coming up on November 6th and that every vote really does count in this election!