For many, Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and a day of thanks, but for some, it is a day of mourning, loss, and a reminder of the genocide of millions of Indigenous people and theft of Native lands. While there is no harm in being grateful for your loved ones this holiday season, we cannot forget that Thanksgiving celebrates the anniversary of a misleading telling of history that serves to erase Indigenous narratives and the violent history of American settler-colonization.

We invite you to take the time to learn about the myths and falsehoods that perpetuate many of our understandings about this holiday. Learn about whose land you live on and what issues are present in your community, and give support in ways that you are able — whether that be with your time or money.

Instead of celebrating colonizers or pilgrims, consider supporting Indigenous activists, organizations, and creators. Below, you can find a non-exhaustive list of Native resources, businesses, causes, and artists.

Causes to support: 

Pages to learn from and support:

Indigenous artists:

Native owned brands: 



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