For the first time since 2019, Forward Montana will host our premiere event of the year, Rockstar Hall of Fame, where we celebrate our community and partners and honor Montanans who have worked tirelessly to make our communities a better place. 

2022 also marks the 18th year of Forward Montana, so we’re throwing it back to our early days and partying like it’s 2004 with an aughts themed celebration.

The details:

June 16, 2022 | 6:30 PM

Conflux Brewing and Taproom*

210 N Pattee Street, Missoula 

*there are two large outdoor spaces at the venue

Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact Margo Ensz, Development Director, for more details and benefits. 

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2022 honorees

Climate Champion

Andrew ValaInis (he/him)

Community Campaigner

Zuri Moreno (they/them)

Democracy Defender

Rylee Sommers-Flanagan (she/her)

Democracy Defender

Raph Graybill (he/him)

Emerging Elected

Christopher Coburn (HE/HIM)

LGBTQ+ Advocacy LeadeR

Mija (they/them/two spirit)

Lifetime of Service

Mike Cooney (he/him)

Neighborhood Advocate

Heather Grenier (she/her)

Student Supporter

Wendy Jeschke (she/her)

Ultimate rockstar

Rachel Huff-Doria (she/her)