A couple of months ago, we sent an email asking you to sign a petition to NorthWestern Energy. The petition stated: 

Dear NorthWestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe,

The time to move towards clean, renewable energy is now. We urge you to invest in clean energy for your customers, pay the penalty NorthWestern’s shareholders owe to low-income and tribal energy assistance programs, and help protect present and future generations of Montanans from the dangers of expensive, outdated, harmful technologies that tie us to last century’s technologies. NorthWestern should invest in modern clean energy systems that help create a safe, affordable, and livable world.

Since then, this petition has gathered over 900 signatures from you, community members in Montana, who are affected by NorthWestern Energy’s harmful investments in fossil fuels rather than clean energy.

Forward Montana, and other incredible organizations* mobilizing around climate change, delivered this petition to Bob Rowe in Missoula on December 16th. To read more about it, check out our press release about the event here: