1. Lucia has joined our team as our Missoula Field Manager and Greg has joined as our Development Coordinator

2. Montanans won – On February 3rd, it was ruled that last minute changes to a bill during the 2021 legislative session violates the state constitution. 

3. Don’t miss our new series: Signs with Izzy????

What’s happening at forward Montana?

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Alphabet Soup: An LGBTQ+ Happy Hour!

  • Wednesday, March 9th, 6-7:30PM — A virtual space for LGBTQ+ Montanans to gather, connect, and discuss our hopes, dreams, and needs for our communities. RSVP here.
  • Thursday, March 10th, 6-7:30PM — A virtual space for allies and aspiring allies to meet, ask questions, and learn more about how to best show up for Montana’s LGBTQ+ communities. RSVP here.

Meet Our New Team Members!

Lucy (they/them) has joined our team as the Missoula Field Manager! 

Lucy was born in Polson, MT and has lived in Missoula for the last ten years. They studied neuroscience at the University of Montana for two years, before taking some time off of school during the pandemic. They are fervently passionate about empowering young folks in Montana to recognize their infinite ability to create a future that is brighter, juster and kinder for themselves and the greater Montana community. 

To get in touch with Lucy or to give them a warm welcome, email lucia@forwardmontana.org

Greg (he/him) has joined our team as the Development Coordinator! 

Greg moved to Bozeman in early 2020, excited to get involved in his new community! Shortly after, he was accepted into Forward Montana’s Spring 2020 internship class. With a background in political finance and fundraising, Greg felt at home at Forward Montana and dove right into on-the-ground organizing, first as an intern, then as Voter Mobilization Organizer. Today, you’ll find him digging through data, calling our rad supporters, and working on grant proposals as Development Coordinator. Welcome back, Greg!

To get in touch with Greg or to give him a warm welcome, email greg@forwardmontana.org.


Pari Kemmick, our Billings Field Manager spoke at the Northern Plains Resource Council’s People’s Hearing Rally to Stop the Laurel Methane Plant on February 10th. To learn more about the methane plant and read coverage of the event, check out the link here.

To hear her speech watch the video below: 

Signs with Izzy ????

Introducing: Signs with Izzy! Every month, our amazing LGBTQ+ Advocacy Organizer, Izzy, will let us know what’s going on with astrology and politics. Head to the link below to view the Tik Tok video. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a Tik Tok account to view it!

A Note From Kiersten

Last summer, we challenged SB 319, a bill that would have silenced the voices of college students and removed Montana judges from hundreds of pending cases. In case you missed it, here’s the short version:

Less than 24 hours before the end of the 2021 Montana legislative session, legislators added two completely new provisions to a straightforward, uncontroversial bill.

These last minute changes violated a provision in Montana’s State Constitution that prohibits a bill from containing multiple unrelated subjects. This type of lawmaking is a tactic used to purposely confuse constituents and distract from the real issues at hand. It’s the type of lawmaking that the Montana greats of the 1972 Constitutional Convention wanted to prevent.

Our lawsuit also argued that the new provisions violate the First and Sixth amendments of the State Constitution because it would greatly restrict the rights of college students and potentially send the state court system into chaos.

On February 3rd, District Court Judge Mike Menehan ruled that last minute changes to a bill during the 2021 legislative session violates the state constitution. What does this mean? It means that we won our lawsuit!

We’re thrilled to be a part of this monumental case that uses the single subject rule to challenge unconstitutional provisions.

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