Location: Billings, MT

Occupation: Forward Montana Field Manager

What are the key issues that you Give A Shit about?

I give a shit about the LGBTQ community. All of my siblings (myself included) are gay or bi, I have countless friends that identify with the wide breadth of human sexuality and gender. Left and right our safety, dignity, and respect is being jeopardized, as such it has never been so important to fight for LGBTQ equality. And to me, fighting for LGBTQ equality means fighting for women’s rights, decent healthcare, and for protections for consumers, renters and workers.

How would you describe your personal mission?

To bring smiles, warmth and laughter everywhere I go. To ensure everyone has a place in the movement.

Tell me about your “power outfit” — the outfit that makes you feel most badass (ex: pantsuit).

I live for a crisp navy blue suit with a floral print tie. That or jeans, ankle boots, campaign t-shirt and a FANNY PACK.

Who is your political crush?

Right now I have a big crush on Beto O’Rourke.

What’s your favorite part about Forward Montana?

I love the Leadership Development program. I love seeing our interns go forward into the world and do amazing things with the skills they learned at FMT. And I always weep with joy whenever they come back to work at FMT as field organizers, fellows, and program managers!

If you were running for President, what would your campaign song be?

“American” by RuPaul Charles… henny

What made you want to be a monthly Rockstar donor?

FMT made me the person I am today. I am constantly inspired by the bad ass work we do every year. I wanted to support the work that was going to empower myself and my generation to take back our democracy.


Why should other people sign on as monthly Rockstar donors?

You should become a rockstar because FMT is doing the work every single day to empower our youngest voters. From training interns, to educating voters at our candidate forums, to lifting up the countless ways in which young folks are trying to save this democracy, FMT is there to support them every step of the way. And we want you to come with us on this journey, become a rockstar.


We call our monthly members Rockstars because:

  • They allow us to budget for the long-term. In order to change the discussion, we need to be in business year-round. That means full-time offices, full-time volunteers, databases and other overhead costs. These things cost money — we can’t budget for ’em without steady cash-flow.
  • It’s a way for people of ordinary means to give extraordinary gifts. Most of us can’t give a gift of $100 at any one time, but we can give $10 a month.
  • Grassroots money means grassroots politics. We’ve always believed that democracy can only truly be transformed through the power of the grassroots — volunteers and small donors coming together to work for change.

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