Pronouns: She/her/hers
Location: Storrs, CT but originally Bozeman, MT
Occupation: PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Connecticut in the department of economics

What are the key issues that you Give A Shit about?

I give a shit about the vast wealth inequality in America and about how it affects people’s access to healthcare, education, wealth building, and a variety of other things I consider to be rights and necessities for humans.

How would you describe your personal mission?

My personal mission is to do as much good as I can in any position I enter in my lifetime. Currently, this looks like using my knowledge of economics to inform people about inequality and help create an equitable society.

Tell me about your “power outfit” — the outfit that makes you feel most badass.

My power outfit would be any sort of suit. Can’t feel bad in a suit!

How did you learn about Forward Montana?

I learned about FMT when I lived in Missoula and went to school there. I first encountered them on campus and realized that they fundamentally supported everything that I did—people’s access to healthcare, to voting rights, to education, to purpose.

Who is your political hero or political crush?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What’s your favorite part about Forward Montana?

My favorite part about FMT is how it gets young people very politically active. I think it’s incredibly important nowadays to do this.

If you were running for President, what would your campaign song be?

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

What made you want to be a monthly Rockstar donor?

I wanted to be a monthly donor because I care very deeply about the future of Montana and I think that Forward Montana has a large role in that.

Why should other people sign on as monthly Rockstar donors?

If you want to support an organization that is going to have your best interests in mind during the future, whether it be the cost of your education, your access to healthcare, your ability to vote for a candidate of your choice, your safety and health, or any other interest, Forward MT is that organization.

We call our monthly members Rockstars because:

  • They allow us to budget for the long-term. In order to change the discussion, we need to be in business year-round. That means full-time offices, full-time volunteers, databases and other overhead costs. These things cost money — we can’t budget for ’em without steady cash-flow.
  • It’s a way for people of ordinary means to give extraordinary gifts. Most of us can’t give a gift of $100 at any one time, but we can give $10 a month.
  • Grassroots money means grassroots politics. We’ve always believed that democracy can only truly be transformed through the power of the grassroots — volunteers and small donors coming together to work for change.

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