FMT Legislative Priorities

#DYK that in 2019, Montana lawmakers introduced 1,309 bills during the legislative session?

Want to learn more about the bills that affect you and what they actually mean? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be updating this page with the bills we’ll be paying close attention to during the 2021 session (to be updated Jan 11th, 2021!).

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Economic Justice

We envision a Montana in which affordable housing, higher education, and healthcare are accessible and attainable for all Montanans.

This legislative session, we’re fighting for policies that alleviate financial burdens on young Montanans and address economic injustices across our state. We’ll be supporting bills that address the affordable housing crisis, hold landlords accountable, press for tuition freezes and student debt relief, and expand access to healthcare services.

LGBTQ+ Equality

We envision a Montana in which all Montanans are able to work, live, and play in Montana free from discrimination.

We are up against a slew of discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ+ bills this session. We will fight any and every bill that legalizes discrimination, intervenes in private medical decisions, or prevents transgender and gender-nonconforming Montanans from living their lives as their truest selves. We will also work to support the people and communities impacted by these bills during the legislative session and beyond.

Climate Justice

We envision a Montana that embraces the changes necessary to create a livable climate for future generations.

We recognize the interconnected issues affected by the climate crisis, including socioeconomic equity, Indigenous sovereignty, and social justice. That’s why we’re focusing on an array of bills ranging from energy accountability to environmental regulation and land management. We’re supporting any efforts to incentivize clean energy and watching any bills that put the interests of Northwestern Energy above that of consumers and the planet. We’re fighting bills that threaten Montanan’s equal rights to a livable climate & environment.

Voting Rights

We envision a Montana in which the act of voting is just and fair, as well as accessible and safe, for all qualified electors.

This legislative session we’ll be standing in support of bills that break down barriers to voting, such as those that promote extended regular voter registration, establish online and automatic registration, expand hours and locations of polling places, and clarify the voting process. We strongly oppose bills that disenfranchise voters and limit access to the ballot box, including ending same-day voter registration, imposing stricter voter ID requirements, removing eligible voters from the registered voter list, or hindering organizations like ours from aiding voters in the democratic process.