#DYK that in 2019, Montana lawmakers introduced 1,309 bills during the legislative session?

Want to learn more about the bills that affect you and what they actually mean? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be updating this page with the bills we’ll be paying close attention to during the 2021 session (to be updated Jan 11th, 2021!).

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*This will be updated weekly, based on #WTF happens at the Capitol each day.*

Economic Justice

We envision a Montana in which affordable housing, higher education, and healthcare are accessible and attainable for all Montanans.

LGBTQ Equality

We envision a Montana in which all Montanans are able to work, live, and play in Montana free from discrimination.

Climate Justice

We envision a Montana that embraces the changes necessary to create a livable climate for future generations.

Election Reform

We envision a Montana in which the act of voting is just and fair, as well as accessible and safe, for all qualified electors.