Our generation has big dreams for Montana – and we know these dreams won’t become a reality unless we elect the right people to the right office. That’s why Forward Montana Voter Fund elects candidates that reflect young Montanans’ values, experiences, and vision for our state.

The Forward Montana Political Committee, a committee of young Montanans, prioritizes candidates for endorsement based on the following questions:

  1. Does the candidate reflect the values & experiences of young people (bonus points if they are a young person)?
  2. Does this candidate hold an under-represented or historically disenfranchised identity?
  3. Does the candidate advocate & champion the issues that matter & affect young people?
  4. Does the candidate represent a district with a high density of young people?
  5. Will our endorsement actually make a difference for the candidate?
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Our Political Committee takes endorsements seriously – working throughout the year to send out questionnaires, meet with candidates, and identify candidates who fit the criteria above. That’s why we’re always proud to introduce our endorsements to communities during election season.

Together, we can mobilize the youth vote and elect progressive candidates who will move Montana not right, not left – but forward!

2024 Endorsements


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FMT Political COmmittee Members

Erin Miller, Co-committee Chair

Melodie Snyder ,Co-committee chair/Treasurer

Marrakech Maxwell

Leah Berry