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Our generation has big dreams for Montana — and we know these dreams won’t become a reality unless we elect the right people to the right office. That’s why Forward Montana Voter Fund elects candidates that reflect young Montanans’ values, experiences, and vision for our state.

The Forward Montana Political Committee, a committee of young Montanans, prioritizes candidates for endorsement based on the following questions:

  1. Does the candidate reflect the values & experiences of young people (bonus points if they are a young person)?
  2. Does the candidate advocate & champion the issues that matter & affect young people?
  3. Does the candidate represent a district with a high density of young people?
  4. Will our endorsement actually make a difference for the candidate?

Our Political Committee takes endorsements seriously working throughout the year to send out questionnaires, meet with candidates, and identify candidates who fit the criteria above — that’s why we’re so proud to introduce our 2018 slate of endorsements.

2018 Endorsements

The candidates we’ve endorsed this year have first-hand knowledge of what it means to make ends meet in Montana.  Some of these candidates will be returning to the capitols — both DC & Helena — and others will be going for the first-time, but what we know is that they’ll fight for a Montana where we can all get ahead.

We’re endorsing these candidates because they’re passionate about:

  • affordable, accessible, and quality universities & trade schools
  • a healthcare system that works for ALL of us
  • an economy that doesn’t just create jobs, but provide jobs that allow us to afford our student loans, rent, and car payments all in the same month
  • revenue programs that ensure the wealthiest Montanans and Americans pay their fair share

Beyond fighting for Montanans who are making ends meet, these leaders are ready to champion public lands, LGBTQ equality, and voting rights.

Jon Tester

US Senate


Kathleen Williams

US Congress

Jacob Bachmeier

HD 28 - Havre


Jade Bahr

HD 50 - Billings

Bryce Bennett

SD 50 - Missoula

(previously represented HD 91)

Barbara Bessette

HD 24 - Great Falls

Emma Kerr-Carpenter

HD 49 - Billings


Amelia Marquez

HD 52 - Billings

Mary McNally

SD 24 - Billings


Diane Sands

SD 49 - Missoula



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Paid for by Forward Montana Voter Fund. Matt Kelly, Treasurer. 1535 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT 59801. 

Paid for by Forward Montana,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.