Voicing Our Values

Issue Advocacy

At the capitol, at the ballot box, or in the streets, our staff, interns, and volunteers are here to speak up about the issues we care about. We’re guided by the 6 Es: Education, Economic Justice, Environment, Election Reform, Equality, and ‘Ealth Care. After 1000s of conversations with young Montanans across the state, we’ve identified economic justice, the environment, and LGBTQ equality as our top priorities. Plus, we’re also hitting the pavement for election reform and voter access–because if you can’t access the polls, you don’t have a voice.

Economic Justice

Our generation is #BrokeAF.

We envision a Montana in which affordable housing, higher education, and healthcare are accessible and attainable for all Montanans.

That’s why we’re advocating for:

  • Increased state funding for the Montana University System and scholarships
  • Affordable and safe rental housing
  • Accessible healthcare

We envision a Montana in which our natural resources are accessible to all Montanans.

That’s why we’re advocating for:

  • Preserving our opportunities to recreate on Montana’s public lands
  • Solutions to mitigate the consequences of climate change
  • Expanding development of renewable energy sources
LGBTQ Equality

We envision a Montana in which all Montanans are able to work, live, and play in Montana free from discrimination.

That’s why we’re advocating for:

  • The addition of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation to the Montana Human Rights Act.
  • A clear and transparent process with plenty of citizen engagement for judicial nominations and appointments.
  • Changes to local city policies to protect Montanans from discrimination.


Election Reform

We envision a Montana in which the act of voting is just and fair, as well as accessible and safe, for all qualified electors.

That’s why we’re advocating for:

  • Accessible Polling Locations
  • Online Voter Registration
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • 16 Year Old Election Judges

News & Updates

Notes from the Field / Voicing Our Values

Legislative Tele-Townhall 2019

January 22, 2019

Montana’s 2019 legislative session is upon us, and there are countless issues up for debate that will affect young people in our state. Get educated without leaving your couch with Forward Montana’s statewide tele-townhall. This tele-townhall is for young Montanans by young Montanans with young Montanans. So, you know it’s gonna be great. #YoungPeoplePower We’ve…

Notes from the Field / What The Helena 2019

What the Helena: Week 1

January 11, 2019

WELCOME to the first edition of the 2019 What the Helena newsletter. I’ll be writing every week to let y’all know what’s going on in the capitol and how it affects young Montanans. Our goal? That the legislative session doesn’t need to be a 90-day anxiety stomach ache. (I mean, it still might be, which…

Notes from the Field / Voicing Our Values / What The Helena 2019

What the Helena: Week 2

January 20, 2019

  Hi. It’s me again. We’re through week two of the legislative session. If you’re already feeling a little overwhelmed, WELCOME. This is the space for you. I have like fifteen tabs open on my computer right now. Two of them are the same news story. Three of them are just my email inbox. I…