The 2022 General Elections are happening on November 8th and it’s never been so important to make your voice heard.

Remember, who you vote for is private information BUT if you vote is public! Keep that voting record perfect & be a model for your communities — we can’t afford to have you sit this one out! 

In Billings, we identified races in with a high concentration of young voters (ex. HD 47 and 48 are near colleges) and Yellowstone County Commission because it can often be a low information race that we want to highlight!

We reached out to all 8 candidates to participate in these brief interviews, and the 5 below were able to participate. The questions asked are a mix of issues at the top of young voters’ minds in Yellowstone County and fun get-to-know-you questions.

Billings County Commissioner

denis pitman (r)


mark morse (r)


Unable to participate

House District 47

denise baum (d)


thomas maldigan (r)

Unable to participate

House District 48

Jennifer Merecki (d)


Jodee Etchart (r)


Unable to participate

House District 50

James reavis (d)


mallerie stromswold (r)

Now what?

Step 1. Register to Vote!

To make sure you are registered to vote, check out ​My Voter Page​​.

You must register to vote by until 8:00 PM on Tuesday, November 8th (Election Day).

Make sure you have the right ID ready to register! The approved list of ID is below:

  • Montana Driver’s License or Montana state ID card number or,
  • The last 4 of your social security number or,
  • Provide a copy of another form of identification. This can be a photo ID that shows your name or an acceptable ID that shows your name and current address (Tribal ID, a recent paycheck stub, utility bill, or bank statement, your student ID, or another government document addressed to you).

Head to this link to learn more about registering to vote by mail and in-person.

Step 2. Research the Candidates & Issues

Check out the videos above, and for more candidates and issues on your ballot, visit our 2022 General Election Voter Guide.

Step 3. Vote

In October, absentee ballots were mailed out. If you plan to vote by mail, make sure to put your ballot in the mail by November 1! After that, drop off your ballot in person.

If you don’t receive your ballot in the mail within a week from the ballot mail date for an election (and you are signed up to vote absentee), then give the Billings elections office a call at (406) 256-2740.

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Have other questions about your absentee ballot or where to vote?​ Check out: 

looking for other information?

Check out our full voter guide for statewide ballot initiatives, statewide races, and more local races.