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We build political power with and for young Montanans from Ekalaka to Columbia Falls.

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2021 Legislative Session Statement
As an organization that advocates for the safety and well-being of all …
What the Helena – The Final Wrap-Up!
*May 9, 2021* It’s been just over a week since we bid …

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Critical race theory recognizes that systemic racism is part of our society and encourages students to challenge their beliefs that allow it to thrive.
The passage of these bills will affect Montanan’s in a variety of different ways, from exacerbating housing inequities, to limiting reproductive healthcare access, to funding cuts for crucial social services. Despite many losses, we continue to have hope for an economically just world.
Wondering WTH just happened in the legislature and how it affects the fight for an equitable climate future? Look no further!
Despite overwhelming evidence that our elections are safe and secure, voting rights faced enormous attacks during the 2021 Legislative Session in conjunction with a dangerous national narrative of “voter fraud”. The passage of HB176, SB169, and HB530 will have significant impacts on all Montanans’ ability to vote, and will likely be taken to court.
After a week to regroup from the longest four months of our lives, we’re here to walk you through WTH happened during the Montana Legislative Session. Here’s how the LGBTQ2S+ bills we tracked this year played out.
Montana will turn down $150 million in federal funds between July and September and put 25,000 thousand people at risk of losing their expanded benefits. No other state has taken this action.
Forward Montana is looking for summer interns! Applications will be accepted on a rolling deadline until all 18 positions are filled. The internship is 10 hours/week. Questions? DM us!
May 5th is National MMIP Awareness Day, honoring the thousands of Indigenous people who go missing and are killed each year.
‼️URGENT‼️ Back in February, Gov. Gianforte signed HB102 making concealed carry legal on every college campus in the state. In doing so, the legislature infringed upon the Board of Regents’ constitutional authority to make decisions for the Montana University System.

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