Young Montanans are stepping up to create positive change — for ourselves, our communities, and our state. Forward Montana helps our generation come together, speak up, and create the better future we all deserve.

Forward Montana’s Mission

We’re building political power with and for young Montanans. That means empowering everyday folks to get involved and make their voices heard — from registering to vote to running for office, and everything in between. Young people in Montana have big dreams for a better, more sustainable and inclusive future — and we deserve opportunities to make it happen. That’s what Forward Montana is all about.

We are so excited to launch our second volume of Transcendent Joy. This year’s edition was guided by a panel of LGBTQ2S+ Montanans whose thoughtfulness, dedication, and diverse perspectives have taken this whole project to the next level. This year’s installment is truly bigger and better than ever, and we are so excited to share this work with you.

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Forward Montana is a nonprofit dedicated to helping our generation get engaged in the political process and shape policies that reflect the values and opportunities we care about. Our organization is made up of individuals working together to make a difference — because we give a shit.

Voicing our values

Forward Montana advocates around issues affect young people and that young people care about.

We envision a Montana in which:

  • Affordable housing, higher education, and healthcare are accessible and attainable; 
  • Policies reflect a livable climate for all future generations;
  • All Montanans are able to work, live, and play in Montana free of discrimination and harm; and
  • The act of voting is just, fair, accessible, and safe.

Learn more about our values work here:

Voter hub

We make voting accessible. Ballots can be overwhelming and registration deadlines can be confusing. We work to make information digestible, accessible, and make sure everyone has the right to an informed vote. Check out our Voter Hub here:

Forward Montana Foundation

Forward Montana’s sibling organization is Forward Montana Foundation. Forward Montana Foundation is educating, engaging, and organizing young Montanans to shape their democracy to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow Montanans. Learn more here:

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Bozeman Field Manager FMT is seeking a full-time Field Manager to lead …
Power Play Issue 3
Power Play Issue 3: NWE’s Markup Schemes and Assorted Nefarious Acts  (Total estimated …

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Join our team as a Community Organizing Fellow this fall and spend some time building power in your community! Fellows will gain meaningful experience through weekly classes, immersive DEIJ workshops, voter registration, voter mobilization, and statewide networking opportunities.
August 9th is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People — a day that celebrates the ~500 million indigenous people across the globe. Today is a wonderful opportunity to listen to Indigenous voices, reflect on how their stewardship is vital to the wellbeing of our planet, deepen our understanding of Indigenous issues, and continue fighting for the future of Indigenous communities.
Happy Friday! We're kicking off the weekend with some very important astrology hot takes with Izzy: signs as Montana towns 💫
You’ve probably seen them around town, clipboard in hand, asking every person that walks by “Are you registered to vote?” For many of us, that's our first introduction to Forward Montana.
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Meet & Greets across the state last week to hang out with us and build community! See y’all again soon🕺🏽🎊
Meet Mandy Gerth (she/her). Mandy is our Flathead Field Manager, based in Kalispell (Salish & Kootenai land). Mandy is passionate about justice for all people and dismantling systems of oppression. She says “I work to care for myself and my children so I have the stamina to work toward the long term goal of people in local communities thriving.”
Forward Montana Rockstars help us continue to mobilize and engage young people to stand up for a Montana they believe in — every single day.
EDIT: The Fall 2022 Community Organizing Fellowship runs through November 18th.

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