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2014 Rockstar Hall of Fame Logo

Buy your tickets here!

It’s that time of year when we honor the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, the top of the top- our ROCKSTARS at Forward Montana. Last year the first Annual Rockstar Hall of Fame made waaaves man. All the coolest characters showed up to witness the inaugural awards ceremony where the big cheeses were given their due. I’m talk’n the big stars- the likes of Matt Singer, Jess Grennen, Jason Wiener, and Pat Williams.

And we are doing it all over again. You don’t want to miss this. The second annual ROCKSTAR Hall of Fame is going to be a bllllllast. So you better go ahead and save the date, that’s MARCH 22nd. That’s right, MARCH 22nd from 7:00- god knows when.

 We want to see YOU there. So don’t give me that hooey and don’t be a killjoy- Bring your mazuma, your dancin shoes, and your best dame or daddy. There’s going to be giggle water for those of age, a jivin music, and of course, an awards ceremony that’ll knock your socks off. This year’s cast and crew inducted into the ROCKSTAR Hall of Fame are the real thing, a solid 18 Karats folks.

RSVP here to reserve your spot on the dance floor. Tickets will not be sold at the door and they’re sell’n like hot cakes. For more information, feel free to call our best Daddy ‘O, Julian Adler at 406-241-2212 or email him at

What: Second Annual ROCKSTAR Hall of Fame

When: Saturday March 22nd, 7:00-12:00

Where: Secret downtown location, Missoula, MT (location announced prior on the 21st)

Dress code: Your best glad rags (AKA Fancy clothes)

 Don’t futz around. Buy your ticket today for one of Forward Montana’s hottest event.


Add as a ROCKSTAR for $5+

Increase as a ROCKSTAR for $5+

One time donation of $100+

Bring a new ROCKSTAR at $5+

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Campaign Manager Job Available!

The ballot committee Montanans for Free and Fair Elections is looking to hire someone to manage the campaign to defeat LR126 (which would eliminate same-day voter registration) and LR127 (which would create a top-two primary in Montana).  Full description available through the link below.  Applications due March 1st COB.

FNL MFFE Campaign Manager Job Description

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Forward Montana DC Reception!

FMT DC Invite with box


Join hosts Jim Messina, Celinda Lake, Stephanie Schriock, Jay Driscoll, Mark Spengler, Nathaniel Parks, Shannon Finley
and special guest

Senator Jon Tester

for an evening reception to get to know Forward Montana, a grassroots organization to train, mobilize, and elect the next generation of leaders in Montana.

Click here to RSVP!

Event is free but donations welcome!
Suggested Contribution levels:
$25 – Young Professional
$50 – Friend
$100- Supporter
$500 – Host
$1,000 – Benefactor

Checks can be sent to Forward Montana at 500 N. Higgins, Ste. 103, Missoula, MT 59802, or you can donate online here!

Contributions and gifts are not tax deductible. Contributions from corporations, labor organization treasure funds, foreign nationals, and federal government contractors are prohibited.

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TWO new Spring Fellowships are now open!

If you are interested in being part of a super cool, super weird family WHILE changing the world and inspiring your peers, please apply for one or both of these amazing positions:

Equality and Voter Rights Fellow- For description, see HERE

Events (and badassery) Fellow- For description, see HERE

Applications are due January 17th



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We won 2013. Let’s kick A$$ in 2014!

The 2013 election season has just ended, but here at Forward Montana, we’re already getting nostalgic.  All those doors (8,557 to be exact); all those calls (3,645, but who’s counting?); all 2,005 of those lovely registered voters. 

And the wins.  Oh, the wins.  From Annelise Hedahl in Ward 5 of the Missoula City Council, to Chris Mehl for City Commission in Bozeman, to Carson Taylor as the new Mayor of Bozeman (in two’s a strange system..don’t ask), to the Missoula Public Schools Technology Levy, we had a lot of wins this season.

We’d like to just revel in these wins, sit back with a Cold Smoke and our Snapchats and relax. But we can’t.

2014 is going to have to be big.  Bigger than 2013, bigger than 2012.  Here’s what we’ve got coming up in 2014:  Defeating a referendum on the ballot designed to suppress the youth vote by repealing Election Day Registration.  A fight for equal treatment for LGBTQ Montanans.  Legislative elections.  And of course, the important work of registering voters and training leaders.

Forward Montana has done a lot with what we have,but we need to be even bigger and better in 2014.  For us to succeed, we need your support.  That’s why we are kicking off our first-ever ROCKSTAR fall membership drive, Battle of the Bands, starting…now!

We are asking you today to become a Forward Montana ROCKSTAR or, if you are a current ROCKSTAR, to increase your monthly membership.

Our ROCKSTAR monthly member program is our only sustainable source of funding.  Equally as important, it is who we are.  Forward Montana is our membership – when you become a member, you become part of a movement to give young people the power to move Montana forward.

When we have our big wins in 2014, when we hold onto Election Day Registration, when we extend LGBTQ protections to Eastern Montana, when we elect awesome legislators to kick ass on behalf of young people, we want you to be able to say that you were part of it.  We can’t do it without you.



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Raise your Tymbals for the FMT Board!

Each year, like the mighty cicada in their final nymphal instar, Forward Montana board members dig their underground exit tunnels and take to the air. For some, a particular weather event signals their tenure is up, and they molt for the last time. But for others, the 2013 board elections are the beginning of a story that will lead them to meetings, committees, and eventually a dark underground tunnel where the cycle begins anew.

If you’re interested in running for our board of directors please email Chase Mohney at to request an application. Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on Tuesday, June 18.

Applicants must be a member of Forward Montana.  According to our by-laws, that means that in the last year you have donated at least $10 and/or volunteered for 2 hours. Not a member yet or need to renew? We can fix that real quick.

Here is the fancy process and timeline for the 2012 Election:

1.    Wednesday, June 12 – June 18: Request for interested member candidates for the 2013 board of directors. Applicants must contact Chase Mohney for application.

2.   June 18: Candidate application window closes. Complete applications must be submitted no later than 11:59PM.

3.   Wednesday, June 19: Electronic ballots are sent to members. Voting begins.

4.   Tuesday, June 25 @ Midnight:  Election closes.

5.    Wednesday, June 26 @ 5pm: Board meeting to ratify elections.

6.   Thursday, June 27 - Inform and announce newly elected board members.

Questions? Give us a ring at the office 406.542.8683!

See you in the skies (and at The Williams Effect!),

Kayje, Tess, Lucy, Hannah, Debi, Shibu, Nik, Aylinn, Brennen,  and the entire Forward Montana family

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The Williams Effect

The Williams Effect Logo Small

You know that theory about how changing one small thing in one place can cause large changes somewhere else?  Like when a butterfly flaps its wings in Tahiti, and it results in a population boom of horses in Montana ten years later?

Well, Former Congressman Pat Williams was a butterfly.

There he was, flapping his wings in Montana and DC, creating wilderness, founding tribal colleges, defending arts and education, telling good stories, inspiring young people… You know, typical Pat Williams.

And here we are years later with a horse population boom on our hands.  That is, if horses were incredible young progressive activists working day in and day out to move Montana forward.

This is what we call The Williams Effect.

Yep, with all he has done, one of Pat’s greatest legacies is the next generation of leaders that he has inspired.  At FMT, we are proud to be part of that legacy, training these young leaders, giving them the opportunity to live hands-on democracy and making a real difference in Montana.

To celebrate Pat and our young FMT leaders, we have created The Williams Effect, a free, kick-ass party in Caras Park on June 26th.  Music by Tom Catmull, beer from local breweries, and free food from the Dinosaur Café.  And we want you there!  (RSVP Here!)

This event will also publicly launch The Williams Effect Fund, which sponsors our Fellows, Interns, and High School Interns during their time at Forward Montana. 

We know they’re awesome; you know they’re awesome.  With that settled, we’ve got two questions for you:

1. Will you come hang out with us to celebrate Pat and our incredible Fellows and InternsRSVP here!

2.  Will you support our Fellows and Interns by contributing toThe Williams Effect Fund?  You can sponsor a High School Intern for a week for just $25 or a college-age Intern for just $50!

Our Fellows and Interns carry on the good work of Pat and people like him – if you appreciate their efforts, comecelebrate with us at Caras and support us at TheWilliams Effect Fund.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Kayje, Tess, Hannah, Lucy, Debi, Nik, Shibu, Kiah

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Fight for Your Freedom to Vote: Take the Pledge!

Defend Freedom. Liberate Liberty. Join the Team Montana: Voting Police.

Those bastards are at it again — trying to weaken our right to vote.

But we won’t let them get away with it. Not once, not ever.

In 2012, thousands of brave Montanans waited in line for hours to do their duty as Americans. Over half of them were under the age of 30. These courageous men and women endured long lines and erroneous, underhanded, lily-livered voter challenges. Now they’re under assault from the dumbest threat of all: Montana’s legislature.

The legislature has referred a proposal to the 2014 ballot that would eliminate Election Day Registration across the state. Their excuse? Election Day Registration is hard (sure, it might look like a bunch of politicians cynically cherrypicking who gets to vote, but…nahhhhh).

So we’re putting together an elite team of freedom-lovers: Team Montana: Voting Police. And this team has only one qualification: you want to keep Montana elections free, fair and accessible. That means you, new recruit. Take the pledge.

Voting police

Send these freedom-haters a message: we don’t take kindly to voter suppression. Sign up to join Team Montana.

- Kayje, Tess, Tracy, Hannah, Lucy, Nik, Shibu, and Debi and the entire Forward Montana family.



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New Kids on the Block

Whether you were a part of the original tour or became a fan when over-sized buttons were a thing…the exciting news of New Kids on the Block is what Forward Montana is all about.

The Classic

As you may have heard, The FMT family is excited to announce a leadership change at Forward Montana. Or as NKOTB may say it, retiring an old classic.  For the last few years, we’ve been blessed with the wicked awesome dance tune that is Andrea Marcoccio.  Though her lyrics are sometimes undecipherable (as in her Top 40 Hit “The votah rej is in the draw’ with the ahyrange”), the tune is undeniably catchy.  Basically, it sounds like winning, which we’ve done a lot under this Head Coach, and we’ll miss her like crazy as she moves on to her new job as Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. Andrea, we’ll be loving you forever.  But don’t worry folks, we’re still hangin’ tough, knowing that Andrea is another fine example of the leadership development that is at the heart of everything FMT does.  FMT, practicing what we preach.  Boom!

You Got the Right Stuff

FMT is keeping it fresh with some remixes this spring as some of our staff take on different roles.  Kayje Booker, doctor*, former Registradiologist and current Program Director, will be stepping up as Interim Executive Director to keep the hits coming.  While the staff is confident that Kayje will do an excellent job in terms of the work, they are worried that her recent tendency to follow up every sentence with, “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind?!” indicates that the new position might be going to her head.

Step by Step, at Forward Montana, we know new opportunities for new leaders is exactly how we continue to move our state not left, not right, but forward. Kayje, a scholarly woman with a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management from UC-Berkeley and a lifetime of field and progressive work under her belt makes her a perfect fit as our new “Cover Girl.

In the words of Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg, “This One’s for the Children” and we need your continued support to make all of our amazing volunteer-led work possible.

It’s been an eventful spring, and it’s only March.  We can’t wait to hit the doors with all of you in April!  Are you tough enough?

With love and confidence,

Andrea, Kayje, Tess, Tracy, Hannah, Lucy, Nik, Shibu, and Debi and the entire Forward Montana family.


*note: not a medical doctor

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Are you asking yourself, is that blog title English? Because we are asking ourselves, why does anyone even use words anymore?

In Montana, A1 usually implies there are steaks on the grill ready to be devoured. But, in the New York Times A1 means front page, epic national coverage.

(Ok, let’s be honest. We were below the fold. Some may see this as a weakness in our front page debut, but in all seriousness we know that real changes happens from the bottom up!)


NYT: Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government

Debi Lombardi, our very own High School Program Fellow makes it big (ny)time with this photo taken in Circle Square downtown.

But really, this is YOUR front page debut!
After reading all 674 comments from across the country/world, we really only have one thing to say: this is your debut, too! Forward Montana has you to thank for this amazing opportunity. Without your volunteer hours, dedication to moving our state forward, we would not be notworthy enough for A1 steak sauce status.

Rock on, you front page story, you.

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