We’re Hiring!

Are you ready to join the movement?

Forward Montana and Forward Montana Foundation are on the search for the next generation of civic movers and shakers to take our organization to the next level in 2016!

Development Director: Making it rain $$$$$ bills all day every day.

Program Director: Leading our team on the front lines of democracy.

Bozeman Voter Registration Fellow: Wrangling in all that voter registration.

We’re building an army of young people with a mission to move Montana not left, not right, but forward.


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Voter Guides!


Cool voters use the Forward Montana voter guides to find their perfect candidate.

Find out more about the candidates in your city election:




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We’re Hiring! Volunteer Coordinator Fellowship Now Open!

Volunteer Coordinator Fellowship

Organization | Forward Montana & Forward Montana Foundation

Location | 136 East Broadway Missoula, MT, 59802

Hours | 10 Hours/week paid stipend


At Forward Montana, it is our mission to punch politics in the face and prove that it is possible to get young people excited about civic engagement.  We make politics fun and accessible by bringing democracy to the people.  We get young people on the front lines of civic engagement, and we do it all with style.  

After over a decade of costumed-based democracy shenanigans and breaking down the barriers that make politics innaccessible to young people, we have proven it is not only possible to get young people interested in politics, but that young people are ready to take the reins and lead this state forward.

We are seeking a volunteer coordinator to make it rain volunteers, turn up the dance party in any storm, and build an army for democracy.

For it all to work we need people and, more importantly, a people coordinator, a volunteer coordinator if you will. We are looking for that certain someone that can send out the rally call and mobilize our  army for democracy. Can you suck people in like a human vaccuum? Do you have an unwarranted appreciation of puns? WELL DO WE HAVE THE JOB FOR YOU?!

Job Description

Volunteers.  Worth a lot. Not for sale.  Volunteers are our most precious resource.  As the Volunteer Coordinator Fellow, you will be responsible for recruiting, managing, and cultivating  volunteers. You will have the opportunity to build networking relationships, empower young leaders in civic engagement, and practice hands-on grassroots organizing.

Core Values and Responsibilities 

  • Become the master of Google Drive… seriously.  Specifically, slay at spreadsheets.
  • Make all the callz and textz to recruit volunteers.
  • Schmooze schmooze schmooze– get creative with it (network at events around town)
  • Make sure our current volunteers feel all the love, know that we appreciate them, and continue to heart FMT.


  • Outgoing as all get-out.  Loves to talk to strangers!
  • Good communicator – can get people psyched on changing the world
  • Organized
  • Dependable – when you say you’ll do something, it gets done
  • Can work independently

If this sounds like who you are or who you want to me, email a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two references to debi@forwardmontana.org by Friday, September 4th.


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We’re Hiring! Leadership Development Fellowship now open!

Leadership Development Fellowship

Position | College Level Leadership Development Fellow

Organization | Forward Montana Foundation

Location |136 E. Broadway Missoula, Montana 59802

Hours | 10 Hours/week paid stipend

Forward Montana Foundation has a mission to train, mobilize, and educate the next generation of civic leaders, and this fellowship allows you to just that. The college-level Leadership Development program is looking for a fellow to assist our LD Coordinator to lead, facilitate, and manage our internship program. Forward MT Foundation specialize in getting young people stoked as hell on Montana politics and local civic engagement by donning costumes and taking your average activism to the next level of fun.

Job Description

The college-level Leadership Development (LD) program gives young people an opportunity to become extremely effective grassroots organizers as well as develop a set of skills that will take them into the professional world ahead of the rest. This fellowship gives you the opportunity to lead our interns toward those goals. You will be responsible for recruiting, managing, and training a college internship class. You will empower and inspire these young people to go for, and succeed in, the change they wish to see in the world.

Core Values and Responsibilities

  • Train under our LD Coordinator to learn the programmatic details of the college internship.
  • Assist the LD Coordinator in intern management and trainings.
  • Bring a positive and outgoing energy to all that you do at FMT.
  • Be a grassroots-organizing wizard and pass that knowledge on to the college interns.
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit interns and volunteers.
  • Create a safe space for ALL interns.
  • Be a badass mentor and outstanding citizen of democracy.
  • Mobilize students around legislative, community, statewide, and school issues they care about to make a tangible change.
  • Communicate effectively with staff, community members, interns, and volunteers. Ask questions, and offer creative solutions.
  • Bring your flavor to FMT and the internship program, bring in new ideas and new perspectives.
  • Costumes all day erry day.


The LD Fellow must be ready and able to manage flocks of college students and keep them goal/organization focused. They have experienced what it is to be a Pink Bunny and are ready to empower interns to do the same. They understand that life is something that happens and are prepared to be not just a supervisor but also a mentor to the interns that walk through our doors. They can navigate social media and know that gmail is much more than email. They play well with others and accept constructive criticism gracefully. Most importantly, a strong applicant is determined to foster new civic leaders and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

If this sounds like you, or sounds like the kind of role you’re ready to step up into, please email a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two references to Lucy Peraino at lucy@forwardmontana.org by Monday, September 7th.  If you have any questions, please contact Lucy at 406.214.1928.

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Forward MT is Hiring! Managing/Executive Director Position Open Now

Managing/Executive Director Opportunity with Forward Montana

The Organization

Forward Montana is a homegrown, youth-led grassroots organization to train, mobilize, and elect a new generation of progressive leaders in Montana.   Our programming includes voter registration, organizing to get out the vote, and engaging young people in leadership development, local and state policy development and decisions, and elections. Forward MT has offices in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana.

The Role

Forward Montana seeks a strategic and creative Managing Director. Subject to a full board review within 3 months, the successful candidate will be elevated to the position of Executive Director, tasked with shaping, inspiring, and managing the organization’s future in collaboration with a talented staff and Boards of Directors. Because we seek a candidate capable of filling the Executive Director position, the description and qualifications that follow are tailored to the Executive Director position. Both director positions serve Forward Montana, our 501(c)(4), and Forward Montana Foundation, our 501(c)(3).

The ideal candidate can welcome the crowd at an event, whip together an annual organizational work-plan and budget, mentor an emerging staff leader, help a talented organizer perfect her field plan, discuss a campaign strategy with key partners, and meet with high-dollar donors, all in the same week.

The right candidate must demonstrate capacity in the following areas:

Fundraising and Community Relations

  • Be “fundraising strategist-in-chief”: develop plans to increase funding through monthly memberships, major and mid-level donors, big events, and grants. The Executive Director must cultivate, maintain, and enhance relationships with donors, foundations, funding partners, potential donors, and other key organizational stakeholders.
  • Act as spokesperson for the organization and identify public speaking opportunities that elevate and promote the voices of staff, fellows, and other emerging leaders.
  • Work with political leaders, community leaders, and strategic partners and be comfortable operating within the political infrastructure and social/cultural climate of Montana.

Staff and Volunteer Management

  • Ensure Forward Montana has a diverse staff with appropriate skills and support to meet the requirements of their positions.
  • Provide supervision, direction, mentoring, professional development, and performance management to all staff and volunteers, directly and indirectly.
  • Cultivate a working environment that invites and inspires staff and volunteers to be innovative and empowered.
  • Ensure Forward Montana has a large and engaged volunteer, member, and intern base.

Operations & Strategy

  • Be a “strategic planner-in-chief”: provide overall strategic leadership, vision, direction, and guidance; set short-, medium-, and long-term goals for the organization and continually update to ensure they are aligned with the priorities of Forward Montana.
  • Create, manage, and adjust organizational structure, budget, and strategic plans to achieve the goals of Forward Montana.
  • Oversee the financial and strategic performance of Forward Montana in partnership with the Boards of Directors.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of annual work plans and internal systems and processes needed to enable the organization to meet its strategic goals.
  • Supervise day-to-day operations, directly and indirectly; manage direct reports
  • Foster shared leadership, inclusive decision-making, and positive relationships between the Boards of Directors, staff, volunteers, and organizational stakeholders; formalize operations, procedures, and processes.
  • Supervise the BIG picture in a way that ensures Forward Montana has the human, financial, and operational resources to fulfill its mission.

Board Engagement

  • Serve as the primary conduit between the two Boards of Directors, staff, volunteers, and organizational stakeholders; assist the Board in Board recruitment efforts.
  • Provide Board members with the information and tools needed to govern and support Forward Montana in a meaningful way; develop systems to formalize processes for communication with the Boards of Directors.
  • Meet with the Boards of Directors on a quarterly basis.


Ideal Experience

  • Experience working on campaigns and/or issue advocacy, especially grassroots organizing.
  • 2+ years of nonprofit management experience at the director or leadership team level.
  • 3+ years managing and working with staff, interns, youth and a Board of Directors in a collaborative team environment.
  • Experience raising and diversifying funds through individual donor cultivation and stewardship, grant writing, and events.
  • Strong fiscal management and budgetary leadership experience.
  • Strong relationships with leaders and organizations in the areas of politics, youth development, policy, and advocacy in Montana.

Note: We recognize that the right candidate may have different backgrounds and related talents that demonstrate the qualities and skills necessary to lead this organization and encourage you to apply if you feel you have what it takes!

Ideal Qualities and Skills

  • Passion, energy, and drive for the mission of Forward Montana.
  • A profound belief in the ability of young people to make a positive difference in politics in Montana and desire to develop and empower new leaders.
  • Ability to maintain mission-focused stamina and inspire it in others, all while navigating strong personalities, multiple deadlines, ambiguity, and shifts in the political landscape and organizational needs.
  • Integrity and a commitment to professional ethics, values, and fairness.
  • Fundraising and strategy creativity and agility.
  • Strong speaking (whether one-on-one or in front of hundreds), listening, and written communication skills.
  • Ability to inspire, engage with, and lead a diverse community of youth, friends, volunteers, and supporters.
  • Long-term relationship builder and networker who can catalyze participation and investment from a wide array of partners ranging from youth, grassroots community. organizers, labor, elected officials, donors, foundations, Board members, and businesses.
  • Strategic thinker and decision maker with a knack for planning, creating systems, and driving to results; proven ability to translate complexity and big ideas into appropriate, practical action.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time, salaried position in the range of $40k – $45k, depending on experience. The position offers health and dental insurance with 100% premium paid by the employer. While hours will increase or decrease based on certain cycles, campaigns, and activity, the position requires a willingness to work some evenings and weekends.

Application Process

Position is open until filled, but first-round interviews for the position will begin in late July. Forward Montana is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

There are two steps to the application process:

  1. Resume, Cover Letter, and References
  • Please submit a resume and cover letter as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and consideration will be given to letters and resumes received by COB July 24th, 2015.
  • Cover letters should be no more than 2 pages in length. In your cover letter, please share how your professional interests and passions specifically correlate to the mission and purpose of Forward Montana. Answer the questions: Why this role at Forward Montana? Why now?
  • Please submit your resume and cover letter by email, attached as a single PDF document (cover letter and resume combined into one document), emailed to: hiring@forwardmontana.org. No paper submissions accepted.
  • Identify three professional references that Forward Montana can contact.
  1. Interviews
  • Interviews will be conducted in late July with staff, board members, and stakeholders. Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted for an initial phone interview.
  • A member of the Forward Montana hiring committee will reach out to you if/when you are selected for additional interviews for the position.

A PDF of this job posting can be found here.

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Announcing the New Forward MT Board of Directors!

We are excited to announce the results of the 2015 Forward Montana Board of Directors Election!

After a very competitive election filled with incredible candidates, the winners of the 2015 board election are:

Chase Mohney

Bryan Watt

Jess Grennan

Clayton Elliott

Pari Kemmick

They join current board members Jen Gursky, Lindsay Murdock, and John Brueggeman.

A deep and heartfelt thank you to our outgoingboard members Molly Bell, Raph Graybill, and Denver Henderson.  We wouldn’t be where we are without your service to Forward Montana and to democracy.

And a gigantic THANK YOU to all who voted in thiselection and to all the seriously impressive folks who applied to be on the board.  We are grateful to and inspired by you all.

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Run for the Forward Montana Board! Applications available now. Due May 31st.



Two things Forward Montana does best.  Two reasons I joined the board last year – and here’s YOUR chance to join me!

Sometimes it seems as if there are boogeymen (and by boogeymen, I mean real live people) out there trying to ensure you and I don’t have access to power. Forward Montana kicks ass when it comes to protecting our rights to have a voice in the political process.  Leading the fight to protect same-day voter registration, FMT reached over 22,000 folks, rallied the troops, and mobilized a statewide effort to defeat a real boogeyman.

There’s so much more to the tale of Forward Montana – but what I really want to tell you is that you can be part of it.  Every year, FMT needs a new crop of leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves.

Now is your time.

If you are a current member of Forward Montana (meaning you’ve volunteered for at least 2 hours or donated $10 in the last year) you can apply.  Are you reading this email and not a member?  Fix that now!

Here is what you need to know about the FMT 2015 Board Election:

1. May 18th – May 31st: Board application period is open!  Interested candidates should contact Boardapplication@forwardmontana.org to request an application or for any questions.  Any current member may apply! If you’re not a member, you can do so here. If you don’t know if you are a current member, email Kayje at kayje@forwardmontana.org.

2. May 31st: Board applications due back to Boardapplication@forwardmontana.org

3. June 1st: Electronic ballots sent to all Forward MT members.  Voting begins.

4. June 25th @ midnight: Election closes

5. June 26th: FMT Board meets to ratify elections, and new board members announced.

Now is your time – roll up your sleeves.  Save ‘Merica.


Jen Gursky

Current Board Member & Board Election Czar

Forward Montana

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FMT Bozeman is Hiring!

We're Hiring!

Do you love democracy? Talking to strangers? Making strangers love democracy? WELL, DO WE HAVE THE JOB FOR YOU!



Job Title: Lead Field Organizer

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Application Deadline: Until filled

Start Date: As soon as possible

Reports To: Bozeman Director

Hours/Week: 40, including 25-30 hours in the field

Salary: Salary depends on experience

Forward Montana is a homegrown, youth-led, long-term grassroots organization to train, mobilize, and elect a new generation of progressive leaders in Montana.

We are seeking a Field Organizer to manage our grassroots campaigns, direct voter engagement, intern program, volunteer recruitment, and general outreach efforts in across the state.  This position will work directly with the Bozeman Director to achieve programmatic goals of the field strategy of Forward Montana and Forward Montana Foundation.

 Job Description:

The Field Organizer will work out of our office in Bozeman, Montana. They will work directly with Forward Montana’s staff, board of directors and volunteers.  Occasional travel will be necessary to fulfill the expectations of this position. You won’t be tied to a desk, you’ll meet lots of people, and you’ll make change happen at the grassroots level.

This position will split time between our political and civic arms and will be responsible for helping facilitate our work during various election cycles (general, primary, school board, etc) and as well as organizing around the legislative session.  The field organizer will execute the day-to-day civic engagement program including but not limited to voter registration, volunteer canvassing and phone calling, and voter turnout efforts.

Forward Montana/Forward Montana Foundation is a grassroots organization that works to train new leaders through hands-on activism.  This position requires that you not only get volunteers to show up but also help them grow as community leaders and strengthen their investment in the organization.  Volunteers are the core of our work.  They are worth a lot, but not for sale.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and participate in GOTV efforts including phone banking, knock doors, and street teaming.
  • Coordinate and participate in the collection of Voter Registration forms
  • Recruit, train and retain volunteers
  • Direct oversight and management of interns and volunteers while in the field
  • Oversee, data entry, quality control and turning in of voter registration forms
  • Willingness to work non-traditional work hours and weekends
  • Experience with and a willingness to work with underrepresented communities


  • Passion for progressive politics in Montana
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Some experience in community organizing and fieldwork necessary
  • Enthusiastically engages in conversation with strangers
  • Able to work weekends and evenings
  • Comfortable in costume

Preferred Skillsets:

  • Experience with VAN & Google Docs

Strong Applicants should be:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Team Player
  • Self motivated and takes initiative
  • Funny
  • Quirky
  • Cool
  • Focused
  • Flexible

Working Conditions:

  • Field hours will be completed in all weather conditions
  • Shared office with Forward Montana Bozeman director

Physical Qualifications:

  • Must be able to stand for up to 4 hour periods
  • Must be able to work independently

Direct Reports

  • Bozeman Program Manager will be responsible for ensuring that interns complete their field hour requirements.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time permanent position reporting to the Bozeman director. Salary depends on experience. Benefits include health insurance and dental (we pay 100% of premium).

Women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to Kiah Abbey at kiah@forwardmontana.org. Contact Kiah Abbey directly with questions at 406-672-8004.


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2015 School Board Elections

Hey Missoula Folk

We’re excited to announce the release of our 2015 School Board Voter Guide for Missoula County Public Schools!  Check it out before casting your ballot by May 5th.


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2Legit Episode 14

Check out the newest episode of 2Legit with Team Montana to get the good news from the 64th legislative session!

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