We're a homegrown, statewide, youth-led, grassroots organization. Our mission is to train, mobilize, and elect the next generation of young leaders in the state of Montana.

    We’re building an army of young people with a mission to move Montana forward. Not left, not right, but forward.

    We’re using face-to-face communication to elect the next generation of young leaders in Montana.

    And We’re doing it in robot costumes.


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    Team Montana Crowdfunding Site Goes Live!

    Defend Your Right to Vote Those bastards are at it again – trying to weaken young people’s right to vote. On the ballot this fall, is an initiative called LR-126 that  threatens to eliminate Election Day Registration. Election Day Registration is a … Continue reading

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    RSVP HERE Thank you once again to our sponsors of The Williams Effect: Celebrating 10 Years of Forward Montana! We greatly appreciate your support for the next generation of leaders. As Sponsors, you are invited to attend our VIP party … Continue reading

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    August 16th | Caras Park in Missoula | 7:00-10:00 pm RSVP HERE BECOME A SPONSOR HERE We would like to thank our current sponsors who have donated to The Williams Effect: Celebrating 10 Years of Forward Montana. We greatly appreciate … Continue reading


    This fall, Forward Montana is organizing a grassroots campaign called Team Montana to defeat LR-126, a ballot measure that if passed would eliminate Election Day Registration (EDR).

    EDR is a tool that allows people to register to vote on election day. In the eight years that Montana has had Election Day Registration, over 28,000 Montanans have relied on this measure to enable them to cast a ballot on election day. Over half those were under the age of 30.

    So yes, this issue matters to young people and it matters to us. To support Team Montana we've launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.