We're a homegrown, statewide, youth-led, grassroots organization. Our mission is to train, mobilize, and elect the next generation of young leaders in the state of Montana.

    We’re building an army of young people with a mission to move Montana forward. Not left, not right, but forward.

    We’re using face-to-face communication to elect the next generation of young leaders in Montana.
    And We’re doing it in robot costumes.

    Whether you want to dip your toe in the political pool or do a wicked cannon ball we want you to join us.


    Thank you to our current sponsors!

    August 16th | Caras Park in Missoula | 7:00-10:00 pm RSVP HERE BECOME A SPONSOR HERE We would like to thank our current sponsors who have donated to The Williams Effect: Celebrating 10 Years of Forward Montana. We greatly appreciate … Continue reading

    Forward Montana is turning 10!

    RSVP HERE Caras Park  in Missoula, MT | August 16, 2014 | 7:00- 10:00 pm  Forward Montana is excited to announce a second celebration on August 16th, The Williams Effect: Celebrating 10 years of Forward Montana. That’s right; what began … Continue reading

    New Media Arts Internship!

    Forward Montana is now accepting applications for a media arts intern for an integral role on an exciting issue based campaign. Forward Montana (FMT) has joined statewide efforts to defeat ballot referendum LR-126. If passed, LR-126 would eliminate same-day voter … Continue reading

    Join Forward MT’s Board of Directors!

    Whether you’ve been with us for a decade or are new to Forward Montana, you know the work we do is critically important to moving our state forward and giving young people a voice in our democracy. Over the last … Continue reading