Voter Fund Donation Page

Our generation has big dreams for Montana — and we know these dreams won’t become a reality unless we elect the right people to the right office. That’s why Forward Montana Voter Fund elects candidates that reflect young Montanan’s values, experiences, and vision for our state.

Will you join us in mobilizing the youth vote and electing progressive candidates who will champion our issues?

We know that there’s so much at stake for young Montanans in 2020. From winning back the US Senate to electing progressive champions to the state legislature, we have our eye on critical races that will deeply impact our future. Year after year, our endorsements are sought after from candidates in our local city commission races to the Governor’s office. With these endorsements we run well-coordinated independent expenditure campaigns through our PAC. It’s this effort that makes the difference for progressive candidates in Montana.

Join us today!

Contributions to the Forward Montana Voter Fund (527-organization) are NOT tax-deductible. Contributions over $35 will be reported to the state.