Fall 2019 Staff

New staff. Who this?

Ivy Chase

Bozeman Voter Registration Organizer


Inside the office: I love being able to engage with the community and have interesting conversations about voting!

Outside the office: I love being outside! Hiking, rafting, and in the winter skiing.

Miranda Keenan

Missoula Voter Registration Organizer


Inside The Office: Miranda works to up her game in the field, become a data entry master and guide/older sister you never asked for to aspiring interns everywhere.

Outside The Office: Miranda can be found outside eating snacks, drinking ginger ale and admiring other people’s dogs from afar.

Clara Bentler

Billings Voter Registration Organizer


Inside the office: Clara will be soaking up every minute she has with the amazing people working to change Billings!
Outside the office: You can find Clara snuggling her puppy Oliver or hiking around gorgeous Montana!

Bella Roccisano

Billings Field Fellow


Inside the office: adding more stickers to her laptop and taking plenty to hand out

Outside the office: searching both of Billings’ goodwills top to bottom for finds