Senate 2020 Primary Voter Guide

#WTF is a US Senator?

Here’s the nitty gritty: US Senators are one half of our two chamber United States Legislature a.k.a our national legislative body and the crew that drafts bills on the federal level. Our current US Senators in Montana are Jon Tester (who won reelection in 2018) and Steve Daines, who is up for reelection this year.

A senator’s duties include writing bills to pass into law, voting on bills from both the House and Senate, and approving judicial and executive appointments by the President. In short, senators are one-half of a legislative body that pretty much dictates how all federal programs are run and our Montana senators specifically ensure that Montana values are heard at the national level.

Why does it matter?

So, all senators technically have equal power in the Senate as there is the same amount of representation (i.e. 2 Senators) from each state. However, like most legislative bodies, the political party that has the most elected members has more influence and more say on which issues are both taken up as bills and ultimately which bills are passed.

Their role is to advocate for issues that affect Montana on the national scale so it’s really important to vote for a candidate that you know will tackle the issues you believe in. Our Senate seats particularly matter to Montanans because our state only has one US House Representative.

Why vote in this race?

Not trying to be dramatic here, but the 2020 Montana Senate race is one of THE most important elections in the country this year. When you look at the issues our senators take on – student loans, federal funding for tribes, and public lands (just to name a few) – it’s incredibly important that the candidate you choose aligns with your values. This race is going to be on everyone’s “must watch” list. Make sure you’ve got some popcorn handy because things are about to get interesting.

Senate Representatives

Steve Bullock

Supported by: Montana Conservation Voters, Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE), Montana Teamsters

John Mues

Supported by: Captain Dave Ruff (Nuclear Submarine Commanding Officer); Bill Basl (Director of National Service and AmeriCorps)

Steve Daines

Supported by: Iron Workers Union

Daniel Larson


John Driscoll


Dennis Daneke


Wendie Fredrickson


Susan Good Geise


** If a candidate did not respond to our questions, we researched candidates’ stances using public statements and voting records. If we couldn’t find enough information to confidently answer the question, we put N/R for no response, no research.**