Kiersten Iwai

Executive Director

Inside the office: Kiersten spends her time bragging about Forward Montana’s badass programs, staff, and interns.

Outside the office: You can find Kiersten eating french fries after a long day in the mountains or dancing the night away.

Rachel Huff-Doria


Inside the Office: Rachel leads our board and staff in planning efforts by asking heady questions like, “How can we ensure young Montanans’ values are better represented in our government?” and “How do we make sure the coffee pot is turned off when we leave?”.

Outside the Office: Rachel LOVES frequenting Montana hot spots–hot springs, saunas, bubble baths, sunny spots on the floor.

Amara Reese-Hansell

Program Director

Inside the Office: Amara enjoys telling poorly delivered jokes to anyone who will listen and being inspired by the young people that walk through the doors of FMT everyday.

Outside the Office: Amara likes to drink wine and do her homework (sometimes at the same time). If all goes well, she’ll graduate in December of 2018 with a degree in Political Science and Women/Gender Studies.

Annie Warner

Operations Coordinator

Inside the Office: Annie is most likely on her fourth cup of coffee and feeling jazzed about expense reports and democracy!
Outside the Office: Annie is either shredding fresh pow on the mountain or tossing out unsolicited podcast recommendations. Or else, check Costco.

Terry Bradley

Development Manager

Inside the Office: Terry can be found listening to classical music and thinking up new ways to get more people involved within democracy 

Outside the Office: Terry enjoys caring for his plants, propagating new plant babies, and can be found at any local farmers market buying even more plants. 

Hannah Pate

Statewide Field Manager

Inside the office: Hannah can be found listening to podcasts on the way to her next Campus, and pondering how to get more young people involved across the state!
Outside the office: Hannah likes to relax with her dog Oliver, drink too much caffeine and do her homework. Hannah is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations online through MSU-Billings.

Erin Miller

Missoula Field Manager

Inside the Office: Erin is doing her best to know the whos who and the whats what after relocating to Missoula from Kentucky in January 2018. #AspiringHBIC

Outside the Office: Erin can be found basking in the sun like an iguana.

Michael Nelson

Billings Field Manager

Inside the Office: Michael can be found ugly crying every time our volunteers and interns change the world (even by a little bit).

Outside the Office: Michael loves drinking dry cabernets to “improve his French”.

Emma Bode

Bozeman Field Manager

Inside the Office: Emma gets nerdy with the data and is energized by intern and volunteer passion for youth engagement.

Outside the Office: Emma can be found rambling around the mountains, rescuing overripe produce, or making unconventional concoctions in the kitchen.

Fall 2019 #Squad

Tirza Asbell

Billings Voter Registration Manager

Inside the office: Tirza can be found fretting over metrics, asking anyone and everyone if they are registered to vote where they live, and handing out candy. She can also be found dancing it out every time we deliver a batch of new registrations to various election offices.
Outside: Tirza is obsessed with her dog Moe, and cuddling with her as often as she can. Tirza can also be found watching Great British Baking Show for the millionth time and very slowly knitting a blanket.

Haley Cox

Bozeman Voter Registration Organizer

Inside the office: Haley can be found obsessively organizing voters as well as office supplies, and completing her work between snacks.
Outside the office: Haley can be found taking care of anything and anyone that will let her – from her dog to her plants to the patients at her other job.

Isabella Roccisano

Bozeman Voter Registration Organizer

Inside the Office: Isabella can be found organizing the office and listening to pump up music to keep herself going
Outside the Office: Isabella can be found doing homework, homework and more homework, searching thrift stores and internet clearance pages for the best possible deals on anything and everything, and hanging out at her sorority!

Jackson Lahey

Missoula Voter Registration Organizer

Inside the Office:  You can find him at events, concerts, and just around town registering voters and annoying his fellow students on campus asking if they need to register.

Outside the Office: Jackson loves baking and gardening, and studies Political Science at the University of Montana. He loves spending time outside, but has a few shows to watch too.