House 2020 Primary Voter Guide

#WTF is a US Representative?

US Representatives are those who serve in the House of Representatives, which is one half of our two-part national legislature. Because Montana has one of the smallest populations in the US, we only have 1 representative. FUN FACT: With the 2020 Census, our population is predicted to have increased enough in the last 10 years to warrant a second representative – stay tuned for that! The responsibilities of a US Representative include writing bills, voting on bills from the House and Senate.

Why does it matter?

The House of Representatives is important because it controls the really small power to, I don’t know, vote on what becomes law and what doesn’t. Just kidding – their power is huge. It’s the representative’s job to represent their district’s values on the national level. And again, in our case, our Rep’s ‘district’ is our entire state. We have one person out of 435 people tasked with lifting Montana values to the national stage – choose wisely.

Why vote in this race?

While it may seem like Montana has very little power in the House of Representatives on paper, the reality is that if a person is elected who strongly believes in their policies and is willing to do the work, then they can push for immense change.​

House Representatives

Kathleen Williams

Supported by: League of Conservation Voters, End Citizens United, and Emily's List

Tom Winter

Supported by: State Rep. Barbara Bessette, Mitch Bohn - President of MSU-B College Democrats, Zoe Nelson, ASUM Senator.

Corey Stapleton


Debra Lamm


Joe Dooling


John Evankovich

Supported by: Ben McAurthur, Dan Tierney, Mike Gollinger

Mark McGinley


Matt Rosendale


John Gibney


**If a candidate did not respond to our questions, we researched candidates’ stances using public statements and voting records. If we couldn’t find enough information to confidently answer the question, we put N/R for no response, no research.**