Governor 2020 Primary Voter Guide

#WTF is a Governor?

The governor is the president of Montana and is the head of the executive branch. They oversee statewide government offices like Budget Planning, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Economic Development – just to name a few. The governor is also CRITICAL during the legislative session as they are the one to either sign bills into law or veto them. Our Governor has also been in charge of handling the COVID-19 crisis, and every other emergency that may come our way. The Governor is elected every four years and can serve a maximum of two terms.

Why does it matter?

Not only does our Governor oversee the offices listed above, but they also have enough political capital (i.e. influence and power) to throw their weight around during legislative sessions which can affect the outcome of legislation in big ways. Translation: While our legislators draft and vote on bills throughout the 90 day legislative session, the values of the Governor will ultimately shine through in the bills they either approve or veto. Governors also appoint state officials that control so much of your life — from the justice system to the Bureau of Indian affairs and everywhere in between!

Why vote in this race?

Since Governor Bullock has served MT for the longest time allowed by law, it is time for us to elect a new Governor for the next four (and possibly eight) years! Speaking of— if you #giveashit about issues like higher ed, healthcare, social services, and renewable energy (and so much more!) you need to vote in this race!


Mike Cooney

Supported by: Senator Jon Tester, Governor Steve Bullock, former State Rep. Amanda Curtis

Whitney Williams

Supported by: Governor Brian Schweitzer, Super Intendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, Emily’s List

Tim Fox

Supported by: Havre Police Protective Association (HPPA), Madison County Commissioner Jim Hart, Madison County Commissioner Dan Allhands

Al Olszewski

Supported by: Montanans for Limited Government, Major General Paul E. Vallely, Former State Senator Ken Miller

Greg Gianforte

Supported by: Family Resource Council (FRC Action), Gun Owners of America, Susan B. Anthony List

Lyman Bishop


Robert Barb


**If a candidate did not respond to our questions, we researched candidates’ stances using public statements and voting records. If we couldn’t find enough information to confidently answer the question, we put N/R for no response, no research.**