Board Candidate 2019 / Voicing Our Values

Donavon Hawk

June 14, 2019

Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator, YMCA

(Butte, MT)

What is your experience with Forward Montana, or our sister organization Forward Montana Foundation, and why is our work important to you?

Voter engagement and education. It is part of my passion and vital to engage with young people to get involved with issues that effect them.

Why are you interested in joining the Forward Montana Board?

I have admired the work FMT has done for many years and would love to be apart of something great for young people in our state.

What skills, characteristics, experience, or insight do you have that would be a valuable addition to the board?

My work over the years with other social justice organizations, community organizing, voter engagement and education, campaign organizing, issues based campaigns. My tribal affiliation and outreach with young voters on reservations.

What experience do you have fundraising, and what is your comfort level with asking for money?

I have past fundraising experience with other organizations and find it important to the heart of any organization to continue funding the work that makes a difference in our state. My comfort level is minimal when asking for money but still find it important enough to engage with folks.

Being a board member requires a time commitment to meetings, phone calls, occasional events, etc. Will you be able to fulfill these time commitments? Does anything give you pause?

I have the level of commitment needed to schedule time for FWT

Good board members invest their time into Forward Montana, are ambassadors for the organization, are familiar with the work of the organization, and are responsive to other board members and staff. How will you go above and beyond being a good board member? How will you be a great board member?

I would like to consider myself a team player when working with past organizations keeping the goal of the organization at the heart of everything i do.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would be honored if you would consider me to join FWT and bring to the table my work, experience and compassion for the issues.