Voter Hub

Forward Montana presents the 2020 Voter Hub

Everything you need to know to cast a ballot in the Primary! We have a long history of producing easy to read, rhetoric free voter guides across every election. We’re so excited to be providing 2020 Primary Voter Guides along with other helpful race information!

Step 1. Register to Vote!

To make sure you are registered to vote check out ​M​yVoterPage​​. If you aren’t registered to vote or need to update your address, you can request a form online — ​sign up here​! We’ll mail you a voter registration form with a prepaid envelope to mail back to your elections office — ​make sure you mail it back by May 26th!

You can register to vote up until 8:00pm on Election Day in Montana. To see a list of in-person registration locations for your community, ​click here​.

Step 2. Research the Candidates & Issues

Click on our voter guides below to begin educating yourself on this year’s Primary candidates and issues across the Governor, House, and Senate races. We’ve also got information on other races you’ll find on your ballot this June.

There’s going to be SO many dang races on your ballot this June and it can definitely get confusing.

Step 3. Vote

Governor Steve Bullock​ ​announced on March 25th​ that counties would have the option to move to an all mail election for the June Primary. Wondering what that means for you? It means if you’re a registered voter, you’ll be receiving a ballot in your mailbox come June. You’ll fill out your ballot and mail it back in — you don’t even have to pay for postage!

Ballots will be mailed out to every registered voter on ​May 8th, 2020​ and they will also be available at your county elections office (​find yours here!​) from May 4 through the end of the election. Satellite offices will be implemented from May 4 through the election as well! The election takes place on June 2nd, so we recommend mailing your ballot back by May 26th to make sure your vote counts!

Not registered to vote at your current address? YIKES. Make sure you update your voter registration — ​especially if you’re a college student currently living somewhere else temporarily (like back home with your family) due to COVID-19. ​Use this handy form​ to request a postage paid voter registration application.

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Have other questions about your absentee ballot or where to vote?​ ​Check here​ or slide into our ​DM’s​. You can register up until 8:00 pm on Election Day, June 2nd.

Still looking to exercise your civic duty at a polling location and vote in person this June? You still can (although it’s WAY easier to vote earlier by mail but #YouDoYou). Just make sure you’re using social distancing guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Step 4. Kick up your feet.

Civic engagement looks good on you.

What voters say

“The Forward Montana guides are usually the only truly impartial voting guides I can usually find during election season. I appreciate that they take the time to ask about issues that are both important nationally and locally. Through their guides and the research they do, they give our generation a voice in elections when most other organizations would rather pretend that the young generation of voters simply don’t exist”

– Devin M., Missoula