Voter Guides

Alongside other affiliates of the Alliance for Youth Action, Forward Montana has been producing and distributing the Great American Voter Guide since 2014. In 2016 Forward Montana distributed 60k print voter guides across the state with information compiled by young Montanans and for all Montanans.




2018 Primary Voter Guide

Step 1. Registration

To make sure you are registered to vote check out MyVoterPage. If you aren’t registered to vote, just head down to your county elections office. We promise it will only take 5 minutes. You can find out where your county elections office is here.

Step 2. Research

Check out our 2018 Primary Candidate Interviews here.

**If a candidate did not respond to our questions, we researched candidates’ stances using public statements and voting records.** 

Step 3. Vote

3.1 Primaries are Weird: In Montana, we don’t have to register with a political party. That’s pretty dope since more than half of young Americans don’t even identify with a political party. This means you’ll get a ballot for each party that has a primary contest, BUT you’ll only cast your vote on one of those ballots.

This year the Republicans, Democrats, and Green Party all have primary contests. The Libertarians do not have a primary contest, BUT they do have candidates lined up for the general election in November. #DontWorryFreeMarketEnthusiasts

3.2 Absentee Voting in the Primary: If you vote by mail, you’ll get your 3 ballots (remember, 1 for each party contest) in the mail around mid-May, BUT you’ll only vote one of those ballots. After reviewing the candidates and parties, you’ll choose the primary contest in which you want to vote and leave the other 2 ballots blank. You’ll mail the ballots back in the envelopes provided.

CAUTION: We’re pretty smart, but the instructions included with your ballots are even SMARTER! Be sure to read and follow them carefully.

3.3 Voting at the Polls in the Primary: First things first, figure out where your polling location is. You can find this on MyVoterPage. You gotta be in line to vote no later than 8pm on June 5th. Be sure to bring one of the following: your voter confirmation card, student ID, driver’s license, Montana ID, utility bill, lease agreement, or current piece of mail with your name and address on it.

Step 4. Kick up your feet.

Civic engagement looks good on you.

What voters say

“The Forward Montana guides are usually the only truly impartial voting guides I can usually find during election season. I appreciate that they take the time to ask about issues that are both important nationally and locally. Through their guides and the research they do, they give our generation a voice in elections when most other organizations would rather pretend that the young generation of voters simply don’t exist”

– Devin M., Missoula