Rockstar Hall of Fame

2018 Rockstar Hall of Fame Inductees

Mel & Aaron Brock

You Got Me Singing: Fighting the Good Fight

The “You Got Me Singing” award goes to the couple who provides us with the vision, strength, and tenacity to keep on fighting the good fight to make Montana a better place.

Jana Staton

Show Me the Way: Unsung sHero Award

The “Show Me the Way” award goes to a Rockstar and an unsung shero who works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our community headed in the right direction.

Sen. Jen Gross

You Don’t Own Me: Female Powerhouse Award

The “You Don’t Own Me” award goes to a female powerhouse who knows who she is and where she’s going, leading the statehouse with authenticity and strength.

Donavon Hawk

Under Pressure: Award in honor of Carolyn Squires; Endless Hope and Tireless Effort

The “Under Pressure” award in honor of Carolyn Squires is given to a leader who organizes with such passion, hope, and effort that he challenges us all to “give love one more chance.”


I-183 ACLU Plantiffs

Battle Symphony: Fearless Social Justice Warriors Award

The “Battle Symphony” award goes to a group of social justice warriors who have the courage to stand up and say, “no surrender” in the midst of human rights afronts. These Rockstars remind us, “I have all the world in front of me.”

Billy McWilliams

I’m Going to Help a Friend: Unwavering Supporter of Young Voices Award

The “I’m Going to Help a Friend” award is presented to a Rockstar who has provided unwavering support for young leaders at Forward Montana, guiding us through our first wins and our toughest times.

Brenna Davis

You Come Through: Young Leader who is Loyal and True Award

The “You Come Through” award is presented to a standout young leader whose loyalty and commitment to Forward Montana’s values and success is unmatched.

2017 Rockstar Hall of Fame Inductees


Rep. Bryce Bennett, “Born in the USA” Award

The “Born in the USA” award is given to a Rockstar who bleeds red white and blue in their commitment to improving democracy and access to fair and free elections.

Molly Moody, “Eight Days a Week” Award

The “Eight Days a Week” Award in honor of Carolyn Squires is given to a Rockstar who organizes her heart out, eight days a week, standing up for workers everywhere.

Rachel Pauli, “Killer Queen” Award

The “Killer Queen” Award is given to a Rockstar who is a “Killer Queen, Dynamite with a laser beam, Guaranteed to blow your mind” young feminist rocking the Montana scene to lift up her generation.

Emily Bentley, “Changes” Award

The “Changes” Award goes to a Rockstar who knows how all of the local ch-ch-changes can make a statewide, national and global imprint. This Rockstar is never afraid to turn and face the strain in our own community.  

Lauren Caldwell & Gabe Furshong, “500 Miles” Award

The “500 Miles” Award goes to the couple who never stops giving their time and talent to Forward Montana. They’ve been here from the beginning and we have a hunch that they just might walk 500 more miles with us.

Denise Juneau & Dayna Swanson, “Run the World (GIRLS)” Award

The “Run the World (Girls)” Award goes to the couple who takes on big challenges, keeps the political tempo moving in the right direction, and elevates other leaders as they go. They’re “reppin’ for all the girls who are taking over the world” and our generation bows down.

Kayje Booker, “Run This Town” Award

The “Run this Town” Award goes to a fearless Rockstar who led Forward Montana through thick and thin and helped young Montanans everywhere believe that “we gonna run this town tonight.”

Mayor John Engen, “I’m Real” Award

The “I’m Real” Award is given to a Rockstar whose authentic voice and leadership helps others find their groove.

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