Forward Montana’s mission is to train, mobilize, and elect the next generation of progressive leaders in Montana.  Whether you have volunteered for a boatload of campaigns before or not sure what a campaign is we can’t wait to have you on our team.

We work with progressive candidates and future leaders to give them the tools they need to win. We work with volunteers to give them the tools to influence the political world around them.

We strive to be the gateway to political involvement for people who may have never thought that politics could be fun.  Forward Montana brings in more and more volunteers each semester because we are willing to try something new…even if means dressing up in bunny ears or doctors’ scrubs.

At Forward Montana we believe it is possible to get excited about politics.

Progressive Leaders We’ve Worked With:

  • Kendall Van Dyk
  • Caitlin Copple
  • Mike O’Herron
  • Jean Price
  • Bryce Bennett
  • Molly Severtson
  • Willis Curdy
  • Terry Moran
  • Bryan Schutt
  • Julia Page
  • Jesse Barnhart
  • Debra Bonogofsky
  • Kevin Furey
  • Nick Lawyer