Kind words from our friends and supporters.


“Occasionally a handful of visionary, hardworking people – usually young people – will catch a political wave, ride a new trend and make a difference way beyond their individual numbers. That’s what’s happened with Forward Montana. It already happened.”

– Former Montana Congressman Pat Williams


“THANK YOU.  You rock. You’re amazing. You kick so much ass it’s ridiculous. You’re pretty much my favorite people ever”

 – Representative-Elect Amanda Curtis, Bus Trip Candidate 2012



“This has been the most valuable experience in my formal education.”

 – Carolyn Adishian, Intern Graduate Fall 2010


 “The Pink Bunnies make voting more accessible. That is democracy at its best … I think it is fantastic that Forward Montana Foundation took on such a huge task and completely killed it. It makes me want to wear a bunny suit.”

– Fmr. Sen. John Brueggeman, on Pink Bunnies registering 10,000 voters in 2012


Online blog Nerd Wallet names Forward Montana Foundation voting tool one of “The Best Voter Education Resources for the 2012 Election


 “That was amazing! I didn’t know any of that stuff.”

– Bradley Kneeland, Progressive Happy Hour “Mill-levy-ionaire”.


“(Forward Montana) is energized, experienced, and young. Their strategy was unique to any other I’d heard of in the state. They knew how to train and mobilize young volunteers, talk to constituents, and move votes.  I was ecstatic to have Forward Montana help me win my race. I was amazed at what they did. …. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t had their help.”

– Senator Kendall Van Dyk


“I never get to see these people in person and talk about what matters most to me. It makes voting more personal than just seeing a name on a sheet of paper.”

– Melissa Clark, Speed Candi-dating attendee.