Are you asking yourself, is that blog title English? Because we are asking ourselves, why does anyone even use words anymore?

In Montana, A1 usually implies there are steaks on the grill ready to be devoured. But, in the New York Times A1 means front page, epic national coverage.

(Ok, let’s be honest. We were below the fold. Some may see this as a weakness in our front page debut, but in all seriousness we know that real changes happens from the bottom up!)


NYT: Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government

Debi Lombardi, our very own High School Program Fellow makes it big (ny)time with this photo taken in Circle Square downtown.

But really, this is YOUR front page debut!
After reading all 674 comments from across the country/world, we really only have one thing to say: this is your debut, too! Forward Montana has you to thank for this amazing opportunity. Without your volunteer hours, dedication to moving our state forward, we would not be notworthy enough for A1 steak sauce status.

Rock on, you front page story, you.

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