Are you a REAL or FAKE Montanan?

According to state and federal law, if you answer “yes” to the following questions, you, my friend, are a real Montanan, entitled to vote in elections in this great state:

1. Will you be at least 18-years-old on the day of the election?

2. Are you a U.S. citizen?

3. Have you lived in MT for at least 30 days?

4. Would you wear jeans and boots to the fanciest restaurant in town?*

*Jokes!  Election law is not a laughing matter, but humor is the only way Forward MT is staying sane in the midst of our righteous anger about voting rights.

Real Law for Real Montanans

Seems pretty simple, right?  You live here, so you should get a voice in decisions that affect your life here.  That’s the law.

Now there’s the real law, and then there’s Rep.Washburn’s law – which some say is mostly written in crayon and most say is anti-democracy.  This week, Rep. Washburn (R – Gallatin County) introduced two bills to prevent Montana college students from voting. 

These bills, HB30 to end late and same-day registration, and HB 108 to restrict the kinds of IDs people can use to vote, are explicitly intended to keep certain kinds of people from voting, the kinds of people that Rep. Washburn doesn’t consider to be real Montanans.

Think we’re exaggerating? Check out the video below:


Now this probably won’t surprise you, but we here at FMT think this is a load of crap. Who is Washburn to decide who is a real Montanan and who should vote in our elections?

Are you a real Montanan?  If so, let Washburn and the rest of the committee know!

We want Rep. Washburn and the rest of the committee to see the faces and hear the voices of the real Montanans who refuse to let them limit our right to vote:

1.  Make a video with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Tell the committee that you are a real Montanan, you deserve to vote, and that voter supression tactics are not welcome in this state!

Make sure to include the address at which you are registered to vote!

2. Send the video in an email to  We’ll do the legwork to get it to the committee and your legislator.

Let them hear the message straight from a real Montanan’s mouth!

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