10,000 Voter Registrations

Seconds ago I got the text from volunteers working in cities across the state saying that together we have accomplished something extraodinary!  The goal that seemed incredibly daunting is now firmly in our grasp!


Omg…we actually did it.  In 2008 we collected over 4,500 voter registration and we felt on the top of the world!  Today we get to announce that we have more than doubled that number and it’s all because of the hundreds of Pink Bunnies that grabbed a clipboard and got to work.

We could not have done this without the help of committed volunteers who cared so much about ensuring that young people were registered and ready to vote.  This is the largest third party voter registration drive in the history of the state of Montana.

Will you say thank you to each on them today by making a contribution to Forward Montana Foundation?

Click the Pink Bunny to Contribute Today

Contributions will help us keep pushing to make sure even more young people are registered to vote this year.  It will help us build on this incredible success.

Honestly folks…we are just blown away.  This is incredibly exciting and we are so glad we get to share this moment with you!

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